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We're passionate about using our expertise to give you a hassle-free experience, entirely focused on maximising outcomes for your retail property.

Our specialised retail division delivers a full spectrum of services including leasing and sales, project leasing, strategic advice and asset management. Our retail specialists offer a vast knowledge and networks within the retail and large format retail sectors.

What we do in retail

  • Leasing & Sales

    Our specialised retail leasing and sales team has a proven track record in owner and tenant representation across the spectrum of the market – from bulky goods and supermarkets, through to national chains, specialty stores and boutiques. Our Retail Direct service can provide additional support to strengthen the national retailer tenancy mix.

  • Investment Sales

    Our team lives and breathes retail, and that means we’re always measuring the current market climate, studying trends and analysing the tenancy mix. As a result we bring superior knowledge to your retail sale experience, and a commitment to building a relationship based on your unique business.

  • Large Format Retail

    Leedwell is a true large format retail specialist, with more representation in the Victorian and South Australian markets than any other agency. Our high level of activity in this area enables us to introduce learnings and ideas from multiple platforms and jurisdictions, providing clients with the best of all worlds.

  • Strategic Advice

    Retail is a fast-moving, constantly evolving sector that demands specialist knowledge and skills. Our extensive industry contacts combined with in-depth knowledge of the current market climate, trends and tenancy mix, means we can deliver on the promises we make.

  • Project Leasing

    We maintain close relationships with large national brands, construction companies, owners, developers and investors. This means we're always across the emergence of new retail projects, and analysing potential benefits for our clients' properties.