Laura Neaga

Laura is an integral part of the Asset Management Team providing direct administrative support to the Partner and Director of this area. Laura is highly dedicated to delivering quality outcomes for the team and excellent customer service to Leedwell's clientele.

She has had extensive prior experience working in project and Executive Officer roles within Government organisations and Universities. Her previous role in the area of buildings and property has provided her with knowledge and skills in the area of planning, development, management and maintenance of places and spaces which is an asset to the Leedwell team.

Her array of experience in project and administrative environments has provided the team and clientele with an efficient, effective and professional service.


Address: 136 Greenhill Road
Unley SA 5061
T/ +61 8 8212 8880
F/ +61 8 8212 8881
E/ info@leedwell.com.au


E/ laura.neaga@leedwell.com.au